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Is Your Website Serving Mobile Users?

01/07/2013 | Chris Richard

An article caught our eye over the weekend (which ties in with ideas we've been discussing withmany of you of late)...

Warning to travel brands - will your mobile website be penalized by Google?

The article also draws attention to: "according to Google’s own research, bad mobile websites are the #1 deterrent to making an online booking"

If you've already booked in with us to redesign your site for mobile, including our new responsive design techniques (as recommended by Google), you're staying ahead of the game. Well done!

For anyone as yet unconvinced by any of this or if haven't booked a redesign yet: have a look in your Google Analytics. Set the date range to be the last 12 months, then look under Audience > Technology > Browser & OS. Change your Primary Dimension to Operating System. We'd be surprised if 20% of your traffic wasn't already from mobile already.

Now try to use your own site on a mobile - is it any good? If not, its time to make your visitors' experience better - to capture their loyalty early on...

If you're uncertain about any of what I am referring to, or even how to use Google Analytics, talk to with your usual contact at Powder Blue anyway - this is important for your business. We're here to help get this right for you.

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