Special Offers

Save £150 per referral

Refer a friend and you both save on future development

It's our way of saying "thank you"

We value your business and we are always looking for new ways to help make your budget go that bit further.

That's why we've decided to make the following offer. For each new client you refer who orders a website from us in 2012, we will credit both your Powder Blue accounts by £75 each, saving you a total of £150.

We like to think of it along the lines of a "thank you" and a "welcome on board".

How You Benefit

Unlike other "special offers" out there you can take advantage of this offer scheme as many times as you like ... for each one of your referrals who orders a website your credit accumulates - so you could save quite a bit overall.

The more recommendations we receive, the more we can also invest in new technologies and platforms for you all ... which is another way you benefit from this program. The more, the merrier ... as they say.

So why not start referring today? Here are a few suggestions for some of the things you can put your extra cash towards:

  • a redesign on your site for 2012
  • an audit of your web-presence; its no longer just about the website but a consistent strategy across the web
  • a mobile-optimised version of your website

Please don't hesitate to get in touch for more details.

How You Qualify

A few simple rules ...

  • You must have a website built and hosted by Powder Blue ... and your referral can't already have a website with us, which also excludes you referring yourself...
  • You must let us know about the referral before they contact us - please use the form on the right, or send us an email - so we can be extra nice to your referrals, naturally
  • Your referral must be in contact with us within 14 days of you telling us about them (just so its reasonable to know who to attribute the lead to)
  • In the event that a new client is referred more than once, only the first referral will be counted (and please don't send us a whole list of speculative names - that will be considered "cheating" and won't be counted!)
  • Referrals and orders must be made by 31st December 2012

Make A Referral

To make a referral simply fill out the form below (please complete all the fields).