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Verbier Exclusive

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Thanks for your efforts with this. The site looks fantastic and we've had some great feedback already.

Verbier Exclusive

Verbier Exclusive

Ultimate alpine luxury & style

The Challenge

One of the great things about building sites for Verbier Exclusive is their fantastic photography. When we designed their first site in 2009 it was obvious that the images were going to steal the show, and so we built a site that gave the photos the focus they deserved.

When Verbier Exclusive expanded their portfolio the website needed to change too ... still showcasing the photos to maximum effect but now incorporating a much greater amount of information about both the properties and the resort.

The Solution

Our designers looked at a variety of layouts and it quickly became apparent that an innovative solution would be needed to balance the amount of text with the space needed to properly present their images.

We combined the slideshows of the original site with concealable, scrolling panels that allow the user to select how each page is viewed. Heirachical menus were created using a mix of dropdown and concertina styles to prioritise key sections whilst leaving users free to browse the site as they please.

These techniques allow us to present a lot of information within a relatively compact space, without comprimising on style. Essential for this client because, as you can see from their photos, Verbier Exclusive have certainly never comprised on style!